Got Pets? Tips for Selling Your Home for Pet Owners

Adapted from RE/MAX Blog

Lingering animal smells and fur can be a turn-off for potential buyers. Be sure to remove all signs of your furry friends before showings. Here are some tips:

  1. Holey backyard

Does your dog bury bones in the backyard?  Search the yard to find your pup’s landscaping efforts and fill them in.

  1. Scoop the poop

One misstep can ruin a buyer’s impression of your yard (and possibly home). Make sure your property is clear of any pet-related landmines.

  1. Mend fences

Check your fencing, deck, porch and exterior doors for any marks from scratching or chewing. Most can be erased with elbow grease and a bit of sandpaper, stain and paint.

  1. Stash the evidence

Collect your pet’s toys, bowls, beds and litter boxes and keep them out of sight.

  1. De-scents-itize

Ask your Realtor to sniff out any animal scents you may have become accustomed to. Light candles, use room fragrance plug-ins and hire a professional carpet cleaning crew to deodorize your home.

  1. Need a buffer?

If claws have scratched up your lovely hardwood floors, professional resurfacing is a good idea.

  1. Don’t leave pets home during showings

Not only is there a chance they may bolt through an open door when strangers stroll around, there’s also a liability issue. Find a neighbor who will petsit for an hour or so, or take your pet for a car ride to the ice cream shop!

If you’re looking for a home with a bigger yard for Fido, call me at 682.551.0336.  I can help you find homes with the features all members of your family will love.


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