3 Reasons Why Some Homes Don’t Sell

Across the nation, and certainly in Arlington, homeowners are enjoying a Seller’s Market. You’ve heard the stories—houses selling quickly for top dollar after receiving multiple offers.  So what’s up with those houses that sit on the market for weeks—or months—and why aren’t they selling?

There are many reasons why a home doesn’t sell quickly. For starters, buyers are part of the HGTV generation and they don’t want to purchase a “before” house at a fair price.  They don’t want to deal with the mess or time-intensive and costly remodeling of a home they just purchased.  Today’s buyers are picky and they’re willing to pay top dollar for a home in good condition that’s priced right.

Even in a seller’s market, homeowners still need to impress prospective buyers in order to get those good offers. Here are three important things sellers need to address if they expect their house to sell in a timely manner:


This single item is so important because a third-party stager will make your home appealing to buyers. Hiring a stager is one of best investments you can make to insure a timely sale and the best sales price.

These photos clearly illustrate the dramatic difference staging can make:


Staging + professional photography = A winning combination:


If you’ve already moved out of your listed home, consider renting furniture for some of the rooms to show it to its best advantage.  Your stager can arrange for furniture rental.

Don’t forget to stage your exterior!  Strive for attractive curb appeal and dress up your outdoor living space.  No matter how big or small, you can make it look inviting!

Professional Photography

Buyers are going to decide to look at your home based upon your online photos in the MLS. If your photos aren’t good, they’re likely going to pass on looking at your home.  Professional photos will show your home at is best.  You’ll get more showings, and more showings equal more offers.  If you need to pay for professional photography, DO IT.  Your investment will pay off with more showings and higher priced offers.

With appropriate staging and professional photography, this den/bonus room could be made into an attractive room–sure to bring “Ohs” and “Aws” from prospective buyers.  Don’t skimp on costs of staging and photography!

This is a very modest kitchen, but with staging and professional quality photography, it looks fabulous!

Price It Right

Overpricing your home is never good, for a variety of reasons. Agents that are active in your neighborhood know when a house is overpriced, and they’ll be reluctant to steer their clients into it for a showing.  No showings = no offers. Even if you get and accept an inflated-price offer, your house has to pass the appraisal.  If it doesn’t appraise, you’ll have to re-negotiate the terms with the buyer, which usually means lowering the price to the appraised value or losing the deal altogether.

So don’t “test the market” by listing your home at an inflated price. Doing so is like shooting yourself in the foot—and who needs that!  Price it right, and the offers will come.

Visit my website for more tips and information on listing and selling your home.

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