AISD Breaks Ground on Career and Technical Center

Articles-AISD-03-07-16As reported in, the Arlington Independent School District broke ground and kicked off the construction phase of the new Career and Technical Center last week.

Articles-AISD-Career-Tech-Center-04-11-16The Career and Technical Center (CTC) will serve students from all district high schools, offering state-of-the-art courses in a wide variety of career and technical fields.

AISD Superintendent Marcelo Cavazos explained that the location of the future CTC is the geographical center point of Arlington’s student population distribution throughout the city. And this new building is about giving those students the tools to be successful in whatever endeavors they pursue. As they succeed, they will help the city of Arlington succeed.

Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams enthusiastically supports the new facility and the opportunities it provides for AISD students. Williams hailed the partnership between the City of Arlington and the Arlington ISD and the importance of working together.  “We need to leverage everything we can to make our kids successful,” he said.

The Arlington City Council remains committed to supporting projects such as the Career and Technical Center that Support Quality Education.

The CTC is being built by Balfor Beatty Construction, following plans designed by VLK Architects. It is scheduled to open in the fall of 2017.


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